About Us

Amtech is a cool cause of investment castings. Amtech oversight is strategically focused to customers and oriented to processes as per ISO 9001:2008, PED 9723-EC, IBR (Indian Boiler Regulation) principles, thanks to our needful right to warrant customer pride because competence in technology, quality, innovation and on-time deliveries through our Investment Casting process. We are completely capable of servicing 'leading edge' customer requirements. We are a much focused 'leading edge' engineering group providing cost effective solutions to technically highly complex and demanding applications in every area of our expertise.

Amtech specializes in the lead to of investment castings to fixed customers requirements in all predilection melted alloys including culminating Carbon Steels, Stainless Steel, Ni base Alloys (Inconels, Monel, CZ 100), Co base alloys and wear resistant alloys and non ferrous alloys. Amtech holdings have pass on out to creatively make active an operation of unique Materials Process Engineering to produce cast parts exclusively for Corrosion / Chemcial Industry, Pharmacuital Industry, Marine, Defence, Food, Beverages, Buliding Hardware / Space Frame, Process Engineering etc., using tightly controlled repeatable manufacturing methods.

Amtech's lettered and expert metallurgical team works from state-of-the-art spectrographic and laboratory facilities to make sure quality control, design optimization, testing and chemical report for allied quality. Our sales staff are qualified and experienced to assess your requirements and ensure that the process, material and design are appropriate to your needs.

Amtech provides "NetShape" castings that reduce or eliminate worthwhile lesser processing. Forgings, weldments, and sand castings are routinely converted to the investment casting process to put up one's say and direction while providing a more repeatable and functionally acceptable part with improved aesthetic value.